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Stick People: Revenge (3)

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December 9, 2011


Jan 6 Update: "A Thing A Day" will be going on a short hiatus for a couple months. After running this for a month or so, it became a bit much to maintain on my own. Once I have a chunk of free time, I plan on overhauling this subsite to make it more maintainable. In the meantime, use the navigation to check out all the old posts.



Here is the third and final comic (in this mini-series; the first comic is located here) by my brother (when he was 10).


I realize that the captions may be a bit hard to read. They have been typed out below the comic. Click on the comic for a larger image.


Stick People: Revenge 2



Panel 1: Secret Lab

Panel 2: *boom*

Panel 3: The End