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About This Website

A number of years back, around when I was first starting college, I found a website that showed me how to make a simple user login system. A few attempts later, I've built something a lot more robust than what I started out with. What exactly have I built, and how did I get there?


I'm not really sure. This website has always been a place for me to try to create whatever projects I happen to be thinking of at the moment. I have an interest in building website backends, and this site is my latest result.


My previous websites have been rather, well, lacking. For this site, I tried to make it as modular as possible. As a result, any user can do now what I only dreamed about doing in the past: create as many subsites as they want, with user permissions. And, you don't have to edit the database directly to do it.


Basically, this site is my playground, and I'm still trying to find its purpose. If you find it, please let me know.


How the website is set up


The website is divided up into groups of pages, called "subsites." These subsites come in three different flavors: first, there are general sites (like this one), which are really just a collection of text pages. Second, there are message boards (like the support board and General Chatter). Third (and most unique to this website), is something I call the Abandoned Project (like 1425 Forgotten Lane). Once you register, you can create a subsite of any of these types.


In addition to the subsite architecture, there are two other things about this site that I think are unique. First is the navigation bar, which is located just above the page content section. I'm sure you've seen them before; most sites have them. What makes this navigation bar different, though, is that it is completely customizable. You can add or delete any subsites you'd like from that bar. If you and your friends make a message board, you can make it the first item in your navigation menu. Are you familiar with the site, and don't care about using the default links? Get rid of them, and replace them with links to subsites you find more interesting.


The second thing I think is pretty cool is the unified userbase. Most message board hosting websites I've seen have separate user-bases for each of their message boards. What that means is: if you want to regiser for two message boards, you have to register for each one separately. Here, though, the user base is the same for the entire website. When you create a message board (or other type of subsite here), you don't need to worry about creating a community from scratch. The community is already here. The trick is to create something that will get the community to come to you.


A few random facts about this site:


I created this site using four main tools: Vim, PhpMyAdmin, phpDocumentor, and Mercurial.


All of the software for this website was custom made, except for the following:

- The code to parse BBCode was taken from this post.

- The library used to incorporate reCAPTCHA into my site was taken from here.


This website is currently being hosted by the good people at Webhostingpad.com. All my domains are purchased through Godaddy.com.