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About Me

Hello! My name is Stephen, and I am the website creator of [whatever-I'm-going-to-call-this-website]. I graduated from college in 2010 with a bachelor of arts in computer science and theatre. Being who I am, I chose the less profitable of the two. As of right now, I'm working as a freelance lighting technician in NYC.


In my free time, I like to spend time working on my website and reading webcomics like Girl Genius, Stuff No-One Told Me, and Left-Handed Toons. Sent From The Moon is pretty awesome as well.


A few other things about me: I play the piano (a little bit), and I took one semester of private organ lessons. I was also a percussionist for 7 years in grade school. I like camping, bicycling, and kayaking. I also enjoy card games like Hearts and Euchre. I'm very involved with my church theatre, and try to help them out tech-wise whenever I'm in the area.


Most of what I have learned about PHP, HTML, and CSS has been self-taught. I did learn a lot of general concepts from college, though, and those have been enormously helpful to me in making the backend of my website more extendable and maintainable. Overall, my main focus (in general and for this site) is on the backend, making it solid, secure, and flexible enough for everything I throw at it. Website design and user interfaces have never been my strong point, though I try to make them look and work the best I can. Eventually, I hope to convince a bunch of people I've never met (aka. you) to come here and create a bunch of awesome content for me. Until that happens, I'm afraid you'll have to listen to me ramble about who-knows-what.


At the moment, I am focusing my energy elsewhere.. I have teamed up with a small group of people to create another message board called rForums. While it is fun to create something on your own, this project is giving me a change to focus what I'm better at (creating a solid backend) while letting others work on things I'm not so hot at (website design). Once that project is done (if it ever gets done), there are a few things I would like to incorporate into this site.


If you'd like to contact me, you can send me an email at stephen(at)echnaretspage(dot)com.


Thanks for stopping by my website! I hope to see you again soon (and bring your friends!).


- Echnaret